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Solar panel packages

  • Optimized
  • Esthetic
  • Performance



Product information

We recommend Optimized solar panels for people who want the most cost-effective panels on the market.

  • Long life expectancy (85% effect after 25 years)
  • Most cost effective
  • Single crystal panels



Product information

Esthetic solar panels are our all-black panel that appeals to customers who demand stylish panels but without compromising on quality and effect.

  • Beautiful all-black design
  • Long life expectancy (85% effect after 25 years)
  • High power



Product information

The Performance panels provide robustness with high efficiency and are optimized for an extra long warranty and performance guarantees.

  • Increase performance guarantee (more than 90% effect after 25 years)
  • Reduced loss when shading
  • Highest power density (watts/sqm)