Increase your savings by storing your solar power In batteries

Do not let your electricity supplier control your life

Intelligent Energy

You won't need to depend on your Electrical supplier, you can store your energy and use it when the need arises.

Become Self-Sufficient

Rising electricity prices should not bother you change your status by producing entire consumption in the most profitable manner.

No more power cuts

You will be protected from any future power cuts. The stored electricity will kick in and continue to power your home.

The tax savings being efficient.

Receive up to 25% tax reduction on becoming self-sufficient.

Battery Options



  • It uses the same inverter to control your solar panels and your battery. Through this you end up saving space and money
  • Maximum efficiency is achieved when the battery charges using the direct current straight from the solar panels


Stand Alone


  • This battery system works independently of your solar inverter whether you have a solar system installed on your roof, or want a specific brand of solar inverter.
  • It is ideal as an addition to your existing solar system.
  • It maximises your energy storage in one neat cabinet.


How we help you?

Analyse your needs

We analyse your energy production and consumption.

Choose your battery system

Based on our analysis and calculation, different battery systems are dimensioned.


After you have selected the battery system, it is installed by certified installers.

Do you want to work with us towards a more sustainable future?